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Trendy Themes for Parties

When you’re throwing a party, one of the first things you have to decide upon is the theme. But, how do you decipher which theme is right for your party? The solution is simple. Pick a theme that is fun, fits the taste of the guest list and one you’ll treasure. Themes have the power to set the tone, draw a crowd and make the party memorable.
Let’s have a look at some of the latest and trendy themes for parties that’ll make yours stand out in the minds and hearts of all who attend it!
Bollywood Theme
If you and your friends are movie maniacs, then this theme’s just for you. It is one of the most fascinating themes for any kind of party. To make the party really enjoyable and fun, ask friends to come dressed as their favourite Bollywood star. For party invitations, cut out the shape of a star and then write “You’re invited” in the centre of the star. You can also make your party invitations in a movie ticket shape, a film camera or a clapboard. Roll out a long red material for “red carpet” leading to the main door. Display celebrity posters on the walls.
70’s Disco Theme
Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie. Hit the disco club with the 70s disco theme party. It flashes a 70s club scene, highlighting shimmering disco balls and vibrant dance floor decorations. Decorate your 70s home with disco balls, light up dance floor rolls with different party decorations. Make your refreshment table flashy with vibrant dance floor runners, disco ball dinnerware, and centre pieces. Unroll the word about the dance party with custom invitations and leave guests with disco ball remembrance. Deck yourself up with disco outfits or leisure 70s suits, and top it up with retro glasses!
Pirate Theme
Pirate parties are timeless and ultimate for both girls and boys. Searching for buried treasure to walk on the plank, your guests will be ready to set sail. The iconic Jolly Roger flag along with ships, parrots, booty & loot, such as gold coins and shining gems, transform a nautical party to an adventurous affair. Make a statement with your invitations by keeping a map in a bottle and handing them out to your guests.
The Masquerade Theme
Masked in mystery, a masquerade ball is nothing short of magical. It is a very popular event theme, and is a pleasing, elegant and sophisticated theme idea for corporate and special private events. It doesn't have to be formal, but it has to be fashionable. Invite talented skill performers like fire twirlers or contortionists to amaze your guests.
With these above ideas, we are sure by now you must have gotten excited about hosting your next party already! We hope you rock your theme party and make it worth remembering.