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like Indian, visit Mosaic Latitude
Everyone likes a good home cooked meal but yet there are days when you just do not want to cook but rather go out with your family and savour the same taste of Indian food that you would get at home. Indian food is a blast of flovours and it has something for all kinds of taste buds. It might be that your taste buds feel like Indian but not something spicy rather something sweet and tangy well, Indian food can definitely provide that.

You might say that there are so many restaurants, then how should you choose? Well, for that we can make your choice easier. If you are in Noida and your taste buds, feel like Indian or more like home cooked meal at a restaurant then you can just walk into Mosaic latitude. Want a buffet spread? No issues they have it for you so that you have the freedom to choose from large spread of food. This is perfect if you have guests at home and you want to treat them outside.

Latitude at the Mosaic Hotels Noida serves authentic Indian cuisine keeping in mind what kind of food most Indians like. For instance, Indians mostly like their favorite Kadaipaneera bit spicy, thus the chefs at latitude Mosaic anticipates this before hand and prepares the dish as per their taste.

At Latitude by Mosaic Noida, buffet dinner is practically a celebration that you would certainly want to be a part of. Latitude lays out grand mouth watering food in an environment which is very cozy. This blend of a cozy environment and delicious mouth watering Indian cuisine would definitely make your evening perfect and memorable. The place is very comfy and well decoratedmaking it the perfect environment for you to relax and converse with your guests. The feel you get at Latitudeis a calm and serene onewhich would easily engulf you in its comfort and let you be in harmony with your group.

The food at Latitude would be like a shining star of the evening as the taste would make you forget that you are at a restaurant. The chef prepared that food in a manner that they have a homey taste and feel to it. Latitude is perfect if you are celebrating with your family or just there with your partner for a date night.

So, if you are planning a date night with your partner or just an outing with your family Latitude would be the perfect destination if Indian food is on your mind.