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Plan your Wedding reception party with Mosaic Noida

Nowadays, every couple getting married prefers a very fancy wedding reception, as it’s the first social gathering after the wedding where they would present themselves as a couple in front of their friends and family. Earlier, wedding receptions were just for the introduction of the new bride to the groom’s family. This day was always celebrated with a lot of pomp and show, as wedding are always grand. You may wonder why. Well, that is because it is not just the union of two souls but it is a union of two very different family and society.
With so many themes coming in play for decoration for wedding receptions, wedding parties etc, one is bound to be overwhelmed. People are mostly looking for spacious yet classy places to organize a party. There are people who prefer closed places like banquets for such parties, and as winter has come early this year, everyone would definitely prefer a closed space because nobody wants their guests to freeze in this cold weather.
Now when we talk about banquets, Mosiac Noida has the perfect banquet called the Summit for such wedding receptions. Summit is the perfect destination since it is not only spacious, but is also very elegantly designed. Its décor is such that whatever theme you might choose for your reception party, it will turn out to be just as beautiful as you imagined. Summit’s four halls can be magically converted into 2 spacious halls. The halls also have flexible and innovative seating arrangement that will allow you to conduct the wedding reception as per your taste and choice.
As Summit is a closed banquet hall, it would be perfect for a winter reception party. Many of you might think why to opt for a hotel banquet and not any other banquet hall? Well, you would not have to hire a caterer as the hotel has their own kitchen/chef. You can also take the benefit of the hotel’s parking spot thus; your guests would not have to park their vehicles far away from the venue. And the best benefit is that, Summit can warmly welcome 150 guests! So invite whoever you could not invite at the wedding.
Plan your wedding reception at Mosiac Noida and host such a party that will have a lasting impression on you and your guests.