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Ladies unwind after work

After all day’s long and hard work, we all want to relax a little. Most of the times we have so much work that we have no time to rest, it’s obvious that our mind and body would crave for some at a point of time. Speaking of us, ladies, we already have a lot of responsibilities to fulfil. We have our homes to take care of and job responsibilities like deadlines and formalities to look into.

Amidst all of these, we somehow forget that we need to take some time out for ourselves, our desires and our state of mind. Usually what we do is we go to some nearby restaurants or cafes and hang out with our friends. But the problem is when this happens on a frequent basis, we get bored of visiting the same place again and again.

But now there’s no need to worry about all such issues because Mosaic Hotel Noida has come up with the ladies night conceptat Flluid on every Wednesday night. Now you can totally chill out with the ladies on every Wednesday night and groove to your favourite numbers that the DJ plays.

Flluid has been greatly preferred by ladies for many reasons and a reason that you can add on to the list is not just the ladies nigh on Wednesdays but the music that they offer. Each one of our taste varies when it comes to music so, Flluid make it a point to ask their DJ to play a music mix that would satisfy everyone and would certainly make you groove. This is one of the many reasons why ladies of Noida are opting for Mosaic’s ladies night.

Well, here are some more reasons to opt for Flluid Noida over other clubs for ladies night:
Friendly and safe environment
When we are out with our friends at some place, one thing that we all look for is a friendly and safe environment, especially when it is a place that would have ladies only party session. It’s known to all of us that it’s not highly safe for ladies to hang out all by themselves. In such circumstances, the need for safety increases even more. Flluid at Mosaic Noida makes sure that the ladies are absolutely safe and there’s no danger for them. This is the reason why they can enjoy their favourite music freely have fun and relax at the same time at Flluid.
Diffuse the tension
When the tension and pressure is too much in life, we want to go out and relax a bit. We look for a place that has an environment that would help us take the load off work and let us have a great night with our friends. When you are at Flluid in Mosaic, Noida don’t be surprised to see how much fun you can have without having to worry about anything.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about looking for a suitable place to hang out with your girls anymore. Flluid is here to cater to your needs on every Wednesday night.