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Fun Places In Noida and Around That Will Lift Your Spirit

Noida stands for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority and the city represents development and modernization in every aspect. Noida is home to the Buddha International Circuit for Formula One racing event, the Sunburn arena for International performances and tallest building in North India. Noida is packed up with plenty of options to keep you entertained and on your toes such as shopping malls, restaurant, pubs, amusement parks, sports complex and much more. Here are some places that you must visit when you are in the city.
Worlds of Wonder - Water Park
The water park is located inside The Great India Place Mall. This water park exhibits a wide range of fun activities to participate in, such as Paint Ball, Air Hockey, Car Racing, AVR Games and much more. There is something for everyone whether you are a thrill seeker or a faint-hearted person. Rain dance is one of the most popular activities at the water park.
The Great India Place
This massive mall is one of the largest malls in the city. This place especially lights up on special occasions such as New Year and Christmas. The mall is always packed with crowds shopping for the latest merchandises. Also, the mall displays an endless array of high ended stores, restaurants serving finger licking delicious food and cafés for one to sit and chat.
Buddha International Circuit
The circuit is the pride and joy of not only the city but also for the country. Spread across 10 kms, the circuit is the venue for the annual India Grand Prix. Tourists can witness the high-speed action at the circuit at a fairly affordable price between 1500₹-2000₹.
Botanical Garden
The lush green garden are home to some of the rarest plants and flower species. The garden, also, exhibits a species of plant which is believed to be more than 400 million years old known as Psilotum Nudum which means bare naked in Latin. The garden was built in 2002 for the purpose of nature conservation and protecting certain plant species that are near extinction.
Okhla Bird Sanctuary
The lush green garden are home to some of the rarest The bird sanctuary is spread across 3.5 kms and is home to 400 bird species and 1,00,000 migratory birds that visit the sanctuary from different parts of the world. It is an ideal place for nature enthusiasts, and bird watching. Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a popular tourist destination for kids and adults.
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