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Oops! Forgot the cake for your colleague's birthday

It’s really fun when you have a birthday at the office. You can feel the ambience of excitement in the air. People may blow balloons, get sparkles and decorate the workplace. All that would not only lighten up the mood of the colleague whose birthday it is but other co workers’ as well. But imagine a situation where you have all the preparations ready but all you actually need is a birthday cake. Such situations may cause a lot of awkwardness and tension in the office.

Well, to manage such situations and to get the taste of the best cake, M- Lounge is here for your rescue. You can call to place your order for the kind of cake that you’re are looking for, M- Lounge would make sure that you get exactly the type of cake that you asked for with a great taste and beautiful decoration. Well, no more embarrassment anymore!

M- Lounge is one of the best eateries that you would find in Noida at Mosaic Hotel. There are several other reasons that have made M-Lounge one of the favourite eating destinations of the people. Here’s why you should pay at least one visit or give one try to M-Lounge.

Amazing bakeries
Who doesn’t like the taste of pastries and bakery items, right? We all love it. Most of the time when we are starving, these are the things that we think of. Here at M-Lounge you would be mesmerized by the look and aroma of the pastries and bakeries alone. The exceptional taste would make you want to visit this place over and over again.
Friendly staff
The staff members at M-Lounge are amazingly cooperative and friendly. They understand the queries, problems and demands of the customers. Often times when we give a try to new restaurants or cafes, we are sceptical about the manner we would be treated. Some people even leave restaurants in the middle of a meal because of the unruly behaviour of the staff but here at M-Lounge, you would find them really nice and understanding. That makes it easy for people to place orders and clear their queries, if they have any.
Quick delivery
TWhen an order is placed, especially if it’s an order for official purpose like a colleague’s birthday, we get apprehensive about its arrival. M-Lounge at Mosaic Hotel makes it a point that all the emergency items are delivered as soon as possible with absolute care.
So now you don’t have to worry about getting cakes and other delicacies anymore. M-Lounge takes care of all such situations.