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Flluid, the perfect place to celebrate your special occasions

Whenever we have some special occasion coming up, we wonder where we can go to celebrate it. Planning a short trip might not always work in our favour as getting a few days off from work isn’t easy. But what if you could celebrate any occasion just as wonderfully without travelling at Flluid, Mosaic Noida?

Be it an occasion like anniversaries, birthdays or just a new job/promotion, it can all be celebrated at Mosaic’s Flluid. You might be wondering why Flluid when there are so many other restaurants who offer the same variety of cuisines. The answer is simple; at Flluid you can explore the world through food but with a punch of desi tadka.

Not only delicious food, but soulful live performance as well as some amazing drinks are some of the other things that will bring you back to Flluid, every time you are in a celebratory mood! At times, your celebratory mood changes as the cuisine you ordered isn’t of your choice. Fret not, Flluid by Mosaic Noida has got it all covered! At Flluid, they’ll serve anything that you wish for, like, continental, Mexican, Italian, oriental, everything according to your choice. The talented chefs at Flluid have crafted Taco, Quesadilla, Salads, Pasta, Enchiladas and many more such delicacies with a Desi twist.

These days everyone is into healthy eating as they have become health conscious but while celebrating at a restaurant, they convince themselves by saying that it’s ‘cheat day.’ Well, healthy cooking is another great thing that Flluid offers and actually believes in. You can easily relish on Amritsari Masala Baked Fish, without worrying about oil getting in, since it’s baked. Even while ordering Ceasar Salad, you sometimes have to mention less mayonnaise but you do not need to do the same at Flluid.

Your dining experience goes a notch higher when along with lip smacking food, the presentation is just as amazing. Isn’t it wonderful to see the superb ‘Amuse Bouche’ arrive in a miniature antique iron bowl or to have your favorite drink in a hip flask, or French Fries arriving in a cute mini sized shopping trolley? These things not just appeal to your taste buds but to your eyes as well. They even serve vegetarian dishes in a wooden platter with green strip and non vegetarian platter with a red strip so that if you order both together you can easily identify which is which.

So why think of some other place when you can easily enjoy a combination of scrumptious food and awesome music at the same place?