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Enjoy The 4 Star Hotel Facilities and Services in Noida

Put 4 stars in front of a hotel and it turns a stay into an experience. 4 star hotels are the best option one can choose to book a room with, whether for business or pleasure. They do not cost a fortune like a 5 star hotel and provide luxurious services and great amenities at the same time. The facilities range from gymnasiums to lap pools but are not limited to them. Noida is a place where you can find luxurious, comfortable and great 4 star hotels along with various restaurants, bars and local eateries nearby.

To enjoy great 4 star hotel facilities and services, book yourself a room with the best 4 star hotel in Noida. A 4 star treatment is not just limited to the room you are staying but extends to the facilities outside of the room. At Mosaic, you will not only be staying in the prime area of Sector 18, Noida which is in close proximity to the metro station but you will also enjoy services such as a gymnasium, lap pool, restaurant, bar, meeting rooms, business center, banquet and more. If you are on a business trip and are looking for meeting rooms in Noida, the best place to do so is in Mosaic as after the meeting you can wine and dine at their bar, Flluid and Indian restaurant, Latitude. The banquets cater to office parties, family gatherings, etc. of different styles and can accommodate anywhere between 10 guests to a whopping 150 guests at a time.

Get 4 star hotel facilities and services at the best price at Mosaic, Noida that has warranted low prices, the option of paying at the hotel as well as no charge for cancellation. They also have a feature that allows you to personalize your stay in which you can pre-book meals and transfers that does not only save time but also money.

With Mosaic, you can simply enjoy the 4 star facilities like business meetings that would help you to take your venture to greater heights. When meeting with a client, the first impression is considered everything. Mosaic, Noida will help you to achieve that level with their splendid service and lavish setting. This is the best place to book your meeting rooms in Noida. Enjoy lavish hotel rooms and extraordinary services with the best 4 star hotels in Noida.