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Choose Best Suite Hotels and Buffet Restaurants in Noida Sector 18

Business or pleasure? Whatever it may be, a good hotel can change the face of your trip. A good hotel can make or break. A good hotel with a great suite will give you a stay to remember. So, when it comes to choosing the best hotels in Noida, do not forget to check out 4 star hotels in sector 18, the prime area in Noida. It is a sweet deal when you get the best suite hotels in Noida.

A hotel room is one room. A suite is where there are more than one rooms connected under one accommodation. So, if you are not travelling alone or have business meet ups, then a suite gives you that personal space as well as a professional space, respectively. You don’t want to make your potential client sit on the bed when signing papers, do you! A suite would have a separate living room where you can entertain guests as well as get work done.

Mosaic is one of the best suite hotels in Noida. Mosaic has one of the most luxurious suite rooms in Noida. Everywhere you turn, you will find comfort in a lavish setting. With a separate living area, you sure will feel like you’re at home, only better. At Mosaic’s suite room, the washroom is not just a place to clean yourself up, it can be used to unwind and relax with a bathtub and Jacuzzi inside. The suite benefits are not just limited to inside the room, they are extended to the hotels’ bar, Flluid, where a suite guest can quench their thirst at the happy hours till midnight. Where else does that happen! Suite guests are not just catered to, they are pampered.

Mosaic also has one of the best buffet restaurants in Noida sector 18. Latitude is their authentic Indian cuisine restaurant which cooks the food according to your taste. Prefer mild or spicy, the chef will make sure your taste buds are catered to. If you aren’t able to choose which dish to indulge in, the buffet is what you should go for. Fuel yourself up at the breakfast buffet between 7:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. and dine like royals at the dinner buffet between 7:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.

Choose the best suite hotels with buffet restaurants in Noida and escalate your senses with the finest services and amenities.