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Best Eateries that you should try out while visiting Noida

Whenever we decide to go out with friends, it is always to different malls for window shopping. But, there are times when we want to go someplace else for birthday celebrations or some special occasions. It does tend to get really daunting when deciding for the best, as we go by their online ratings/reviews, which may vary from person to person. If you are living in Delhi NCR, and Noida is your hub, then there are various options to choose from!
So when you are looking for the best eateries in Noida, you should always opt for a place with not just good food, but also great ambience. The food should definitely appeal to your taste buds but when the place appeals to your mood, that’s when you know it is the right place to be at! But then again, you need to decide on what type of eatery are you looking for, is it a café or a dining restaurant? Since most people would suggest that if you are with friends, cafes are the best place as you can chill, relax or party, whereas high end restaurants mean you have to maintain a decorum as everything is very sophisticated and elegant.
Now coming to the best eatery option, you can always try out the M Lounge, Mosiac Noida. Being a unique Bakery among its competition, it is one of the standalone bakeries in the vicinity which truly makes it one of its kind. M Lounge have the perfect setting for a group of friends to hang out with and take some selfies as a token of the moment spent together. As you step into the place, you would get lured by the aroma of freshly baked cakes. While looking around, you would see the décor of the place is very intriguing, the sight of those tempting pastries, soft and fragrant bread is very inviting. If it is your friend’s birthday, you can also buy one of the many beautiful and mouth watering desserts and celebrate the day. The place will definitely indulge you in its sinful affair and you’d feel like a kid at a candy shop!
Even if you want to have a party at your home, M-Lounge is open for home deliveries at residential as well as corporate areas. M-lounge also has another intriguing specialty. Want to know what? Well you must have heard about cake shows, a very famous concept abroad. M-lounge also conducts such cake shows at corporate houses. Awesome right?
The place is magical and very appropriate for group of friends to enjoy the food and have a great time!