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When you’re throwing a party, one of the first things you have to decide upon is the theme. But, how do you decipher which theme is right for your party? The solution is simple. Pick a theme that is fun, fits the taste of the guest list and one you’ll treasure. Themes have the power to set the tone, draw a crowd and make the party memorable.
Let’s have a look at some of the latest and trendy themes for parties that’ll make yours stand out in the minds and hearts of all who attend it!
Bollywood Theme
If you and your friends are movie maniacs, then this theme’s just for you. It is one of the most fascinating themes for any kind of party. To make the party really enjoyable and fun, ask friends to come dressed as their favourite Bollywood star. For party invitations, cut out the shape of a star and then write “You’re invited” in the centre of the star. You can also make your party invitations in a movie ticket shape, a film camera or a clapboard. Roll out a long red material for “red carpet” leading to the main door. Display celebrity posters on the walls.
70’s Disco Theme
Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie. Hit the disco club with the 70s disco theme party. It flashes a 70s club scene, highlighting shimmering disco balls and vibrant dance floor decorations. Decorate your 70s home with disco balls, light up dance floor rolls with different party decorations. Make your refreshment table flashy with vibrant dance floor runners, disco ball dinnerware, and centre pieces. Unroll the word about the dance party with custom invitations and leave guests with disco ball remembrance. Deck yourself up with disco outfits or leisure 70s suits, and top it up with retro glasses!
Pirate Theme
Pirate parties are timeless and ultimate for both girls and boys. Searching for buried treasure to walk on the plank, your guests will be ready to set sail. The iconic Jolly Roger flag along with ships, parrots, booty & loot, such as gold coins and shining gems, transform a nautical party to an adventurous affair. Make a statement with your invitations by keeping a map in a bottle and handing them out to your guests.
The Masquerade Theme
Masked in mystery, a masquerade ball is nothing short of magical. It is a very popular event theme, and is a pleasing, elegant and sophisticated theme idea for corporate and special private events. It doesn't have to be formal, but it has to be fashionable. Invite talented skill performers like fire twirlers or contortionists to amaze your guests.
With these above ideas, we are sure by now you must have gotten excited about hosting your next party already! We hope you rock your theme party and make it worth remembering.
Whenever we decide to go out with friends, it is always to different malls for window shopping. But, there are times when we want to go someplace else for birthday celebrations or some special occasions. It does tend to get really daunting when deciding for the best, as we go by their online ratings/reviews, which may vary from person to person. If you are living in Delhi NCR, and Noida is your hub, then there are various options to choose from!
So when you are looking for the best eateries in Noida, you should always opt for a place with not just good food, but also great ambience. The food should definitely appeal to your taste buds but when the place appeals to your mood, that’s when you know it is the right place to be at! But then again, you need to decide on what type of eatery are you looking for, is it a café or a dining restaurant? Since most people would suggest that if you are with friends, cafes are the best place as you can chill, relax or party, whereas high end restaurants mean you have to maintain a decorum as everything is very sophisticated and elegant.
Now coming to the best eatery option, you can always try out the M Lounge, Mosiac Noida. Being a unique Bakery among its competition, it is one of the standalone bakeries in the vicinity which truly makes it one of its kind. M Lounge have the perfect setting for a group of friends to hang out with and take some selfies as a token of the moment spent together. As you step into the place, you would get lured by the aroma of freshly baked cakes. While looking around, you would see the décor of the place is very intriguing, the sight of those tempting pastries, soft and fragrant bread is very inviting. If it is your friend’s birthday, you can also buy one of the many beautiful and mouth watering desserts and celebrate the day. The place will definitely indulge you in its sinful affair and you’d feel like a kid at a candy shop!
Even if you want to have a party at your home, M-Lounge is open for home deliveries at residential as well as corporate areas. M-lounge also has another intriguing specialty. Want to know what? Well you must have heard about cake shows, a very famous concept abroad. M-lounge also conducts such cake shows at corporate houses. Awesome right?
The place is magical and very appropriate for group of friends to enjoy the food and have a great time!
Noida, the satellite city of Delhi and one of the major cities of NCR, is a social hub. Be it parks, amazing street food, restaurants, street-side shopping options ,shopping malls, amusement parks, pubs or sports complexes, this beautifully planned city is a perfect hangout place with friends, and has something for everyone. The people of Noida are big foodies and very lively. There are various options to explore in Noida which makes it a perfect hangout place with friends. The best places to visit here are:
Flluid is one of the finest Lounge & Bars in Noida which comes under the Mosaic Group of Hotels. It combines the best elements of luxury, style, comfort and delicious food. Being one of the few places in Noida which has various innovative dishes and drinks, it’s an ideal place for people who want to give their palates a flavourful twist. The beautiful ambience of Flluid is also a plus point, which makes this place worth a visit. When it comes to food and drinks, Flluid has it all figured out! Here, you will get to taste some of the best mouth-watering fusion food along with Mexican, Continental, Italian or Oriental as per your taste! Apart from this, Flluid is a perfect place for partying with friends as there is a Live DJ, there are Ladies Night on Wednesdays and Lazy Day Out Sunday Brunches etc which will guarantee have you spellbound! Not just this, they also have temperature controlled pool facilities and PDR facilities for the guests! It can’t get better than this!
So, if you are looking for a chilled out place where you can spend some amazing time with your friends, Flluid is the perfect spot for you!
Dlf mall of India
DLF Mall of India is the biggest shopping Mall located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. If you are living in Noida and want to spend some time with your friends at one of the largest Malls in India, then you must choose DLF Mall of India. This mall includes multiplexes, restaurants, lounges, food courts, different shops for clothes, jewellery, sports and much more. Besides an amazing shopping experience, this place has various food and beverage options. Sector 18 Noida, being the youth hub attracts N number of crowd from all over the city which has this palce buzzing. Mosaic Noida which is also located in Sector-18 makes it an ideal place to spend some time with your friends because of its availability close to the mall. Apart from this, it also offers several entertainment options which makes it the most sought after destination for hanging out with friends.
World of Wonder
World of Wonder is a world-class amusement park located in Noida. It is the largest theme park present in North India with an amusement and water park. It provides a wide range of entertainment options for everyone such as roller coasters, games and a plethora of joy rides which makes it the preferred choice for a day filled with fun!
With a variety of options to choose from, apart from being a social hub, Noida comes across as a perfect entertainment junction for youngsters to spend some amazing moments with their loved ones.
Sundays might be about lazing around, but it’s also the perfect day to go for a nice brunch with your favourite people. However, it’s not a child’s game to find a place which serves good food that has equally good ambience. To ease out your work, here’s a list of appetizing brunch spots in Noida, which are not just the best in food quality, but also has great service.
Flluid, Mosaic Hotel
Delicious food, soulful live performances and amazing drinks are among the best that you will find at Flluid, Noida. It’s a perfect place for partying, as there’s a live DJ, there’s ladies night on Wednesdays and for people who love food, there’s a palette twist of fusion food. The place has an exquisite ambience and offers an extensive menu. They also have a Sunday Lazy Day Out Brunch that serves up the finest Continental, Mexican, Italian, Oriental cuisines in your favourite Indian flavour. Adding a fusion to it! The delicacies such as Quesadilla, Pasta, Taco, Salads, Enchiladas and much more is prepared by their Chef in a pure Desi style, which you’re definitely going to relish. You would need to maintain separate sections in your stomach as the line of desserts await you after that satisfying meal! To flush down all the food, you can also indulge in a few glasses of your favourite mocktail. Apart from their lip-smacking delicacies, they also have a number of additional facilities such as pool side and PDR to make the stay of their guests more comfortable. For all music lovers and for people who like to groove and move, there is no better place than Flluid. So, devour the unlimited combination of lazy day out brunches, live performances, ladies nights and make unforgettable memories at Flluid, Noida.
Latitude, Mosaic Hotel
With calm and serene ambience, this outlet is known for its unmatched buffets, comprising of authentic Indian cuisine with plenty of starters, main course and desserts.
Latitude serves authentic Indian cuisine keeping your taste in mind. The extensive menu serves a variety of Indian dishes which are known for its flavourful indulgence and rich aroma. The menu has been designed in a way that there is enough option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians and the extensive buffet menu is like a celebration! Latitude guarantees a complete dining experience for people who want to have a flavourful ride. Spend the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon with your friends and family, relishing Latitude’s extravagant food.
M Lounge, Mosaic Hotel
When it comes to desserts in Noida, how one can forget M lounge? It’s a unique bakery shop amongst its competition and is a standalone bakery in the vicinity. As you step in the hotel, you will be surrounded by the aroma of freshly baked cakes. Soft and tempting pastries, delicate and fragrant breads and inviting cakes, you will automatically get lost in a sinful affair. Their amazing desserts are loved by all and have made quite a mark on everyone. This place has beautiful interiors, one of the best in the town. What really makes them different is, that they are not only catering to the guests who come to the hotel, but are also open for deliveries of cakes at residential hubs, corporate sectors. Not just this, but they also conduct cake shows at corporate houses! So, unwind your Sunday and gorge on delicious patisserie only at M Lounge.
Choose from the above lavish brunch options and have a gala time with your family or friends, and turn your lazy Sunday afternoons into an unforgettable one!
Nowadays, every couple getting married prefers a very fancy wedding reception, as it’s the first social gathering after the wedding where they would present themselves as a couple in front of their friends and family. Earlier, wedding receptions were just for the introduction of the new bride to the groom’s family. This day was always celebrated with a lot of pomp and show, as wedding are always grand. You may wonder why. Well, that is because it is not just the union of two souls but it is a union of two very different family and society.
With so many themes coming in play for decoration for wedding receptions, wedding parties etc, one is bound to be overwhelmed. People are mostly looking for spacious yet classy places to organize a party. There are people who prefer closed places like banquets for such parties, and as winter has come early this year, everyone would definitely prefer a closed space because nobody wants their guests to freeze in this cold weather.
Now when we talk about banquets, Mosiac Noida has the perfect banquet called the Summit for such wedding receptions. Summit is the perfect destination since it is not only spacious, but is also very elegantly designed. Its décor is such that whatever theme you might choose for your reception party, it will turn out to be just as beautiful as you imagined. Summit’s four halls can be magically converted into 2 spacious halls. The halls also have flexible and innovative seating arrangement that will allow you to conduct the wedding reception as per your taste and choice.
As Summit is a closed banquet hall, it would be perfect for a winter reception party. Many of you might think why to opt for a hotel banquet and not any other banquet hall? Well, you would not have to hire a caterer as the hotel has their own kitchen/chef. You can also take the benefit of the hotel’s parking spot thus; your guests would not have to park their vehicles far away from the venue. And the best benefit is that, Summit can warmly welcome 150 guests! So invite whoever you could not invite at the wedding.
Plan your wedding reception at Mosiac Noida and host such a party that will have a lasting impression on you and your guests.